Tips: Audition Coaching with Steven Silverstein

I had a great time with Steven Silverstein who has developed a great workshop called The Fearless Audition. I met him in his Midtown NYC studio to watch him work with Belting Beauty Madelyn Monaghan. Madelyn is wonderful soprano- Being a Belting Beauty does not mean you have to belt! This website is all about being a healthy, confident and knowledgeable singer and performer, not about your voice type. Madelyn was preparing for a popular vocal competition. This video includes clips of her singing “Laurie’s Song” from The Tender Land and “Simple Joys of Maidenhood” from Camelot. Break a leg Madelyn!

Steven and I discuss Audition Etiquette and How to communicate with your Accompanist. If you’ve ever had trouble Setting the Tempo of your song this video is for you! If you’d like to work with Steven in NYC Contact him Here.

Thanks for checking out Belting Beauties,

Ryan Malyar

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